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18 octobre 2018


Ninomiya Sontoku ー regional reformer , moral leader


You might not know who he is, but Sontoku was well known

in Japan such as to learn all about him.

For general information of his profile,

please click the above of name tag.



The house where he was born today remains as museum.  

The admission is free.

You can see the housing of middle class farmers’ house

in the 18th century in Japan.

It's a waste to leave Odawara without visiting the house!



Allow myself to introduce you the one of episodes

of which he was definitely intelligent , I love it.



Teen age Sontoku stayed at the uncle’s

since his parents have passed away by grand terrible flood.

He loved acquiring knowledge and tried to read books at night.

And his uncle didn’t agree on the habit of reading

for the reason why reading at night

increases consumption of rapeseed oil for lightening a room.



Then an idea flashed across his mind.

Farmers habitually  get rid of some amount of young rice grasses

just after having planted seedling of rice on May.

Young man , Sontoku picked them up to plant again

outside of frame of rice field. Autumn has come.

He gained some money

by selling rice planted outside of the frame of rice field.

As to make a room  bright for night time reading,

his uncle didn't claim any longer his nephew .



“ In the case which someone doesn’t get go-ahead

for the reason of short of money,

《gaining money first》 is the solution. “

Just 18-year-old young Sontoku concluded that.


I personally love this above episode.  

The 18-year-old youth thought and thought

till finding the solution.

This behavior leads him to be later a great reformer

in regional finance, I think.


His first milestone was here in Odawara.

As far as you are interested in him,

Odawara will be the place to visit.



When you in Odawara, I'm looking forward to showing you

at and around the house of Ninomiya Sontoku.

Your contact via Facebook message would be appreciated.

Thank you.



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19 septembre 2018

A covered history

The villa for foreigners had been placed at

Kita-Ashigara Junior. High School,

which has already been closed since 2010.


The villa was built after the grand earthquake

attacked at Tokyo metropolitan on September 1 ,1923 ,

which was called “ Kanto-daishinsai “,

for the reason why the first villa , had been built nearby,

was completely destroyed by THE EARTHQUAKE.


At first the villa was opened  during summer season

for Catholic monks who come from France.

Some of them tried to keep in touch to local villagers nearby ,

while these villagers never kept in touch with them.

They strictly told their children not to contact them.   


The villa had charged the role of the concentration camp

for non-combatant foreigners living in Japan during the World War Ⅱ.

As Japanese citizens could not eat enough during the war,

the foreigners there were worse starved than the Japanese.


The US Air Forces plane dropped some food  to supply

on the ground of the villa on the next day of end of war ;

Some villagers clearly remembered it , although they were now all dead.

They felt frightened to the US Air Force

and if they might have been attacked in spite that war ended,

until they knew that something dropped was food and was not bomb.

The villa has changed to municipal Junior High school since

the end of the World War Ⅱ.  The villa was finally destroyed

to build a new concrete school building.


Landscape from hilltop has never been eternally changed.

Once you stand there and look down from the top of the hill,

you could feel something same as foreigners staying at that villa.


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14 août 2018

Ear of rice

The golden colored and the small sized ear of rice 

has already represented in rice field at Kaisei town, Kanagawa Pref.


Come and see it ! Won't you stay in hours and make yourself refreshed

at the one of the close rural suburbs around Tokyo?



WP_20180807_18_03_23_Pro (2)





27 juin 2018

Power and status

A goodwill activity group members declared to other groups ;

It is " we " that take charge of reception at that place.



There is nobody to greet foreign guests as admirably good as we are.


If someone will occupy one post and won't open the door to everyone ,

others will have to do something to the occupying person.

Translation into French.

power and status


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06 juin 2018

Horoscope in this week has already noted me

Horoscope in this week has already noted me

not to act something before making sure in detail to someone else.

And I actually caught an error.

I thoughtlessly deleted plural acquaintances on SNS group

connection list.

To get back them to the SNS group, I ask another member

to deal with.



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30 mai 2018

As long as being the status of a student

Everyone now can easily study what he/she is interested in

at educative facilities : Some is organized by the incorporated ,

another is by municipal service and other is by universities.  


As long as being the status of a student,

everyone can easily satisfy his/her curiosity.  

And the same time , in paying fee of lessons,

learners would complain on the lesson and the instructor ,

if they are NOT satisfied with the level of study.


It is due to the background fact that learners don’t know :

Generally instructors don’t simply concentrate on preparing for

the coming lesson. They have to do great deal of routine desk work, too.


That’s why I try not to be the one of all kinds of complainers.

A lesson instructor could approach his/her sense of accomplishment

which is quite different from what learners acquire through study.


instroctor and learner

Translation into French.

Original text ( Japanese language )

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23 mai 2018

Turn traitor

I wonder why she, a friend of mine, didn't answer my e-mail ?

This situation embarrased me a lot.


When someone asks another person a question suddenly ,

the person reflects the basic emotion of himself/herself.


I think it will be the good example of urgent vs important principle.

Because , it is not an urgent matter for me to get e-mail from her.

But receiving e-mail from friend definitely gives me lots of pleasure ,

in a way, something important to keep in touch.





The Eisenhower Matrix - How to Make Decisions on What’s Urgent and Important


translation into French.


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17 mai 2018

A personal coach for English learners



An acquaintance recently started doing the coaching for English learners.

I was not sure what the coaching is doing to until she became it.


I repeatedly read the PR web site which she had learned the way to

coach someone.

The representative says that doing the coaching is definitely different from

doing the teaching.



She, the representative, insists of these two things :

# 1  Coach is simply standing on the side of a client.


# 2  Coach makes him or her ( the client ) achieve the goal.


I here have another question on the way to doing the coaching.


In the case that a client would be too much dependent on the coach,

how does he or she (the coach ) respond for the client ?



I finally put a conclusion of my own on the coaching for English learners :

Learners themselves have to solve the answer in grammar , in expression.


I wonder how different in between self-study English lessons and

the self- study English lessons accompanied of encouraging advices only

but with no practical aid from the coach.

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13 mai 2018

The following the text

Next take a look at the moss green colored spots

on the map on the precedent text, please.


The area covered with the moss green colored spots

had been well developed in Old Stone age in Japan.

There was much high quality sand

to produce iron weapon in the district.


There had been numbers of Bronze bell-shaped vessel.

「銅鐸 県立古代出雲博物館」の画像検索結果


Some of them are admitted as what are national treasures.



Admirable !  I can't immediately find any longer word to express.

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A short trip during one-week job offs on May in 2018

It was gorgeous trip.  


On a night on late April, my husband asked me

if we would ride on a ferry and make a short trip.

This was the gateway to go out. We finally put a conclusion

to ride on a ferry departure from Osaka, the second biggest city

in Japan and arrival to Moji, a part of the city of Kitakyusyu. 



After we decided the final destination of this trip,

we made a plan to visit.


Here's the map which was pointed out the places

where we went actually.



At first , look at the violet colored spots, please.

Here is what in the city of Kitakyusyu , where my husband

has learned during a college student.


For him it has been over 20 years since he at last left the city.

He recalls many memories during his college days 

in taking some photos.


TOTO is the corporation to design and supply

bathroom products. Now it is getting world widely famous.

The family members of my husband is proud of

the corporation,

because in between late 1980's and early 1990's,

his grand-uncle was CEO of TOTO Inc.


At TOTO Inc., there is a gallery to show TOTO products 

on a corner of the head office.  On the start-up stage,

TOTO, bathroom product supplier, was connected with

plain dish pottery corporation in capital.


Mori Ogai , the one of the famous authors in the 19th century.

He was a doctor serving in military. He studied medecine 

in Berlin, Germany. His past residence is laying down

with silence in the mid of noisy street of

the central area of the city. (to be continued )

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