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17 mai 2018

A personal coach for English learners



An acquaintance recently started doing the coaching for English learners.

I was not sure what the coaching is doing to until she became it.


I repeatedly read the PR web site which she had learned the way to

coach someone.

The representative says that doing the coaching is definitely different from

doing the teaching.



She, the representative, insists of these two things :

# 1  Coach is simply standing on the side of a client.


# 2  Coach makes him or her ( the client ) achieve the goal.


I here have another question on the way to doing the coaching.


In the case that a client would be too much dependent on the coach,

how does he or she (the coach ) respond for the client ?



I finally put a conclusion of my own on the coaching for English learners :

Learners themselves have to solve the answer in grammar , in expression.


I wonder how different in between self-study English lessons and

the self- study English lessons accompanied of encouraging advices only

but with no practical aid from the coach.

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13 mai 2018

The following the text

Next take a look at the moss green colored spots

on the map on the precedent text, please.


The area covered with the moss green colored spots

had been well developed in Old Stone age in Japan.

There was much high quality sand

to produce iron weapon in the district.


There had been numbers of Bronze bell-shaped vessel.

「銅鐸 県立古代出雲博物館」の画像検索結果


Some of them are admitted as what are national treasures.



Admirable !  I can't immediately find any longer word to express.

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A short trip during one-week job offs on May in 2018

It was gorgeous trip.  


On a night on late April, my husband asked me

if we would ride on a ferry and make a short trip.

This was the gateway to go out. We finally put a conclusion

to ride on a ferry departure from Osaka, the second biggest city

in Japan and arrival to Moji, a part of the city of Kitakyusyu. 



After we decided the final destination of this trip,

we made a plan to visit.


Here's the map which was pointed out the places

where we went actually.



At first , look at the violet colored spots, please.

Here is what in the city of Kitakyusyu , where my husband

has learned during a college student.


For him it has been over 20 years since he at last left the city.

He recalls many memories during his college days 

in taking some photos.


TOTO is the corporation to design and supply

bathroom products. Now it is getting world widely famous.

The family members of my husband is proud of

the corporation,

because in between late 1980's and early 1990's,

his grand-uncle was CEO of TOTO Inc.


At TOTO Inc., there is a gallery to show TOTO products 

on a corner of the head office.  On the start-up stage,

TOTO, bathroom product supplier, was connected with

plain dish pottery corporation in capital.


Mori Ogai , the one of the famous authors in the 19th century.

He was a doctor serving in military. He studied medecine 

in Berlin, Germany. His past residence is laying down

with silence in the mid of noisy street of

the central area of the city. (to be continued )

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30 mars 2018

I'll change myself little by little.

I'm a kind of person who I could not throw away anything.
It means that something unnecessary is lying on the floor in my house.


Today I'd like to praise myself

by means of having thrown away several small sized furniture ;

of which were all being what should have been already disposed .

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20 mars 2018

my writing skills improved

I'm satisfied to know that

my French class teacher appreciates my writing skills.

bloc-note papier


Translation into French.

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15 mars 2018

Fresh Pasta Brasserie located in ASHIGARA , KANAGAWA Pref. JAPAN

I  had lunch with friends at a Brasserie nearby yesterday.


The taste is kneaded juice of salt pickled cherry blossom in the Ice cream.



The Brasserie is named " Chaibu " in Japanese. 

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13 mars 2018

Time to change

I met a jogging man at the crossing at past 5 pm.

He looks being devoted a hobby after completing his job.

I, on the contrary, had the task to do quickly

for someone's sake.



I notice it good-for-nothing that I am busy in

helping other person's affairs such unable as

to enjoy the private life of my own.

Translation into French.

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17 janvier 2018

Awesome and acrobatic firefighters in Edo era (1603-1868)


Don't you think the man on ladder being brave ?

This is the ceremonial demonstration on " Dezome-shiki " ceremony

which is held on the final day in the first week of new year.


This ceremony has been held since Edo era (1603-1868 ) in Japan.

Wow ! How long termed and traditional !


Who is he ? What does he do ?

Why does he do such an acrobatic movement on ladder ?

You might arise some curiosity.


General Infos

  • Before Edo era ( before the age of 1603 )

There are battles in between local and provincial governers everywhere in Japan.

Tokugawa Ieyasu is the winner of all battles

and he finally succeeded in uniting small and separated province into one country

and in governing throughout of Japan.


As  people get peaceful daily life, the population of the Capital , Edo ( former of Tokyo ) increases.

It results in the increase of fire.

  • Housing materials 

Housing materials are composed of something easily be burn out such as wood ,

grass roof and paper sliding doors.

Houses are builded such as terraced houses in Western countries. (⬇️)

Source: Externe


  • Governence

For safe and security in society , the government of Tokugawa set up the professional teams of firefighters.


  • The way to extinguish fire 

Firefighters at that time had no technology to extinguish burning fire by watering in short time. 

Impossible to water fire Source: Externe

And they tried to destroy unburned houses near flame so as to prevent expanding flame.


  • The way to inform fire to public 

The troops of firefighters had to know accurately where the burning spot is.  

Someone talented like an acrobat quickly raises up on the top of roof  to watch how much fire is burning.

He continued to hoist a flag near the spot of fire until fire is completely extinguished.


Source: Externe


Firefighters in Edo era ( 1603 - 1868 ) are heros enough to be admired by  all. 


Today , for their respect , someone demonstrates the way 

which firefighters at that time  took it for granted to take a daily exercise on the ceremonial day of Dezome-shiki.



Please click the below. The another movie starts. )

08 novembre 2017

Walking finds you the charm of the Ashigara district

Ashigara is suburb 
and faces to the bedroom towns of Tokyo, the Capital of Japan.


It shows us the fact that the Ashigara area is somehow rural.
We can see plural orange trees now.

The nature such as these trees surely refreshes us.

Let's come and stay there as long as and as often as you'd like to.


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12 septembre 2017

[ Info ] The Exhibition of freely decorated Scarecrow @ Oi-yume-no-sato



Source: Externe


DAY & TIME : 2017/09/17(Sun)  10amOpen ~ 15pmClose

PLACE :            Oi yume-no-sato

ADDRESS :       265 Yanagi the Town of Oi Ashigarakami KANAGAWA JAPAN

                          zip-code 258-0012

ADMISSION FEE :     ¥0 (Free)



FOOD & DRINK : BYO ( Bring of your own ) on your demand.

                            JAPANESE STYLE CASUAL RESTAURANT

                             inside << Ikoi-no-mori Ashigara >>

                             Vegetable market << Shiki-no-sato >>


THINGS TO DO : Walk , Photography , Picnic

SUGGESTION : Build your own style of retreat at good view landscape.


△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼ △▼△▼△▼△▼

ACCESS :  the followings

1  For Car Drivers

   Drive directly to << Oi yume-no-sato>>.


2  For Visitors riding on Public Transportation

    1) Seniors

    2) Families accompanying with a small child 

    3) Others

    Take a taxi for 15 min from the station of SHIN MATSUDA Stn or

     JR MATSUDA Stn.

    4)  Explorers

     Walk for 45 min from the station of KAMI OI up to the hill

     where OI yume-no-sato is located.

ATTENTION : 1)  No attendant for passengers' service

                            at the railway station of KAMI OI.

                      2)  JR Gotemba Line runs not frequently such as once an hour.

    5) Tomei High Way Bus Passenger ( exceptional )

     Get off at TOMEI OI. And walk for 30min upto <<Oi yume-no-sato >>.

ATTENTION : Bus runs not frequentlly.

△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼ △▼△▼△▼△▼



Have a good weekend !

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